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Title: Ring-a-Ring o' Roses
Author[personal profile] azure_chaos 
Genre: Apocalyptic, angst, non-canon compliant
Summary: Jack always thought that the biggest threat to Earth was external. That’s why he policed the rift and watched Britain’s borders for alien threats. Unfortunately, no one saw this one coming from the inside. With almost the entire population of the world seemingly wiped out Jack discovers a surprise survivor. But if the apocalypse itself was bad, Jack knows that it’s really just the beginning and he will do anything to protect those he cares about.
Status: Complete
Length: Six Chapters + prologue, epilogue
Warnings: Action, Allusion to D/s, minor character death (no major character death).
Comment or Experpt from fic: This fic goes completely AU, ignoring the events of Exit Wounds and Children of Earth, Tosh and Owen are present. Rhys and Andy are included as well.

Excerpt )
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Title: Keeping Time
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kerryblaze
Genre: Crossover, angst, hurt-comfort...
Rating: R - sexual situations, and language...
Summary: Jack leaves Torchwood and Ianto behind. Ianto must go on as leader of Torchwood until he dies. Or so he thinks.
Status: WIP
Length: Eight parts, length not specified.
Warnings: Character Death(s), slightly spoilerish for one of the companion novels and both seasons of TW.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: I totally read this whole thing in one sitting. I just - yeah. I can't begin to say how much I'm enjoying it so far. In a nutshell : Jack leaves Torchwood, Ianto is in charge and he's the leader for a while, so he notices someone following him over that time. He's a bit older, but damn if he's not awesome in this one.

Excerpt :
Ianto knocked on the door. He stood back, cleared his throat, straightened his tie, and yanked the hem of his suit jacket down. On the other side of the door, a familiar voice, cheerier than Ianto had ever heard it, called out. "Did you lose your keys again, lover?"

The door opened. Ianto smelt beef cooking and his empty stomach rumbled. Rhys's broad grin faltered when he saw Ianto and not Gwen. He peered behind Ianto's shoulder, looking for her, as a piece of Ianto's heart shattered and died.

"Rhys… I…" His voice cracked. 'Dammit! Hold it together. Be professional.'

Rhys knew. He looked into Ianto's face and knew. He stumbled backwards a few steps and dropped the tea towel that he'd been holding. "No - no. Don't you dare…"

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | ...
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Title: To Affect (Verb), Effect (Noun)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] verasteine.
Genre: Angst.
Rating: T
Summary: "Ianto's been hurt. They've got him at St Helen's, I have to go there, with Jack out of town..."
Warnings: small spoilers for Exit Wounds...
Comment or Excerpt from fic: in which Ianto is attacked because he was seen with Jack -- it's sad, but a well written fic. And I really liked Gwen a lot in this, too. 

Her mobile rang late at night as they were about to go to bed. She answered and held the device up to her ear, as Rhys paused in the doorway to their bedroom, attracted by the sound. When she heard the message Andy had for her on the other end, she turned to look at him in shock.

"I'll be there in a minute," she said immediately, and flipped the phone shut while still staring at it.

"What is it?" Rhys asked, coming over and looking at her in concern.

Gwen slowly dragged her eyes up to his face. "Ianto's been hurt. They've got him at St Helen's, I have to go there, with Jack out of town..." Jack was away for a few days, a UNIT conference and several meetings with the Queen's treasurers requiring that he leave his team alone. He wasn't due back for two days, and that was the reason why Gwen had got the phone call.

-- SEQUEL --

Title: Is Affecting (Present Continious)
Author: [info]verasteine.
Genre: Angst.
Summary: He was dealing with it, he was giving it a place. He just wasn't sure he liked the place it was taking up for itself.
Warnings: Small spoilers for Exit Wounds.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: This is the sequel to it, and it's Ianto dealing with the aftermath of the attack. It's still sad - but I think it works.

It was awkward, keeping his bandaged hand out from under the spray. The bruises and cuts that hadn't required stitches stung, and made showers in general an unpleasant experience. However, he stubbornly resisted baths or washing up at the sink, refusing to let his routine be altered by something trivial.

Except it wasn't really trivial.

He suppressed the thought and continued his morning ritual, carefully scraping the razor over his cheek. The pain caused by the injuries was secondary to what had happened, secondary to the memories. He knew, when he contemplated it, that it wasn't the violence or the aggression that made him wake up trembling some nights. It had been a week now; he shouldn't still be doing that.

It wasn't that he was ignoring it, or underestimating the emotional toll it was taking, or that he wanted to pretend that he was stronger than he actually was. It was that he didn't want to let it get to him like this; his struggle was with the change, how from one moment to the next it had stopped being ordinary, and started being extraordinary. How the aftermath had changed from straightforward to the raised eyebrows on Andy Davidson's face, the hushed words of the nurse, the quiver of Gwen's lip.


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Title: Marigolds
Author:  [livejournal.com profile] cirrocumulus 
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: "There was someone else in the darkness."
Status: COMPLETE (3/3) links found at the bottom of each chapter, or here.
Length: 5,626
Warnings: Character Death? Huge amounts of angst ahoy, mates.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Oh this is a rather sad read. While it can be rather gorgeous, seriously -  at the same time - big huge ouch.

It had been 86 days since Ianto died. Jack was counting because it was all he could think to do with the time he'd used to spend being happy about his life.

The team, of course, had moved on: packed away Ianto's office things, cleaned out his home, gently notified his mother and then stashed every remnant of his life into the archives so nobody would ever have to care again. Jack admired his team's efficiency, at least; they had actually acquired the resiliency that he himself pretended to have.

Curiously, Jack was able (to a certain extent) to push the grief to the back of his mind to allow his sanity some breathing room. Though the inevitable emotional implosion was always gleefully creeping around his mind trying to cannibalize his self-control, running away from fatally dangerous aliens allowed him to think of nothing else but self-preservation without feeling guilty.

Part one | Part two | Part three.

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First time reccer, but I've been lurking for about a month now. Hi guys! *waves* Let me know if everything looks alright, k? : D

This Other Darkness
Author: [livejournal.com profile] metztlimoon 
Genre: Angst, Supernatural
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Ianto begins acting strangely, craving blood, becoming violent, Jack must enter Cardiff's underworld to find a solution. But does Ianto want to be saved?
Length: 15, 500 (in SIX parts, all linked at the bottom)
Warnings: blood, vampirism, mind control/iffy consent
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Being a huge Vampire/Supernatural fan, I'd die happy if the show ever touched upon Vampires. But if not? This totally works. Imagine my joy upon reading this! I read this this morning and could not tear myself away from it. It is just. Awesome. Ianto is so spot on for what has happened to him, me thinks.

One Two Three Four Five Six


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