Sep. 26th, 2008 11:17 pm
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Hello Everyone! ^^

I KNOW I just made a post yesterday, but... *shrugs*

Anyway, I was asked if there was a master list sorted by author rather than title...

There wasn't, but I was thinking about doing it. Since [ profile] araminya requested it anyway, I decided to go ahead with the plan! ^^

So, the "Master Rec List" on GoogleDocs is renamed "Master List" and now includes recs sorted by author! ^_____^ All you have to do is scroll to the right at the bottom and after the "Rec Index," you will get "Author Index!" The link to the master list is the same so you can still click the "MASTER LIST" link in the link list on the right!

I hope this makes it easier for you guys if you want to find fics by a particular author rather than title! ^^

A quick note - as of September 26, 2008, this community houses 655 fics! ♥♥♥


~*~ Itoshii-chan


Sep. 25th, 2008 02:14 pm
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Hello Everyone! ^^

This is your co-mod making her first mod-post! ^^

Firstly, let me welcome new members - we're a little behind in that aspect! LOL! ^^;;

Now, I sincerely apologize for the delay in the updated rec-list; I'm afraid it was all my fault! ^^;; There were quite a few changes to be made, especially link updates and such, so... =___=;;

REGARDLESS! I created another Master Rec List on GoogleDocs so everyone can just go there and look for the latest updated rec list. Use the link here ---> MASTER REC LIST and I'll also add it to the link list on the right with all the other links. It'll be updated regularly, so no one can accidentally re-rec fics!

There SHOULDN'T be, but if there are any problems or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment on this post or in the Suggestion Thread or PM me. Replies will be screened!

Thanks and please continue to rec fics! ^^

~*~ Itoshii-chan
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ETA: 4/21/08

I've decided to have this post for people to request tags. To see if the tag you want to request is already on the list, go to the TAGS INDEX here.

It's easier for me since I'm adding and renaming tags, and I'm lazy and I don't want to be adding new tags to this list when you can all just go to the index and see the already existing tags. ^_^ Mainly I had this list before adding the category in the front and stuff. :3

So it seems redundant for me to be updating this list when the tag index has already all the tags.

So. This Post? To request the tags you want me to add. ^_^

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Okay, so because [profile] itoshii_chan is so awesome in keeping up with updates for the Rec Masterlist (I FAIL LOL), I've deleted the old masterlist. Since it hasn't been updated in months. D: (And to prevent some confusion, since some people have been checking this masterlist instead of the old one to see if a fic has been recced, totally my fault! I should've done this months ago!)

ETA: Since [profile] itoshii_chan is on hiatus, the masterlist will be updated by [ profile] misswinterhill for the moment! <3

Recently Updated Masterlist


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