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Title: More
Author: [livejournal.com profile] unfeathered
Genre: PWP (but that doesn't really cover it)
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slight D/s, double penetration, past Jack/Ninth Doctor.
Word Count: 4,295
Spoilers: End of Doctor Who Season 4
Summary: Jack finds a novel way to show Ianto what the Doctor means to him.

What can I can about this fic? It's well written, insightful into both Jack's past relationship with the Doctor and his current relationship with Ianto and the sex between Jack and Ianto is believeable despite the kink and is amazingly hot.

"So tell me about him, the one before," Ianto says softly, and Jack tips his head back against the wall with a soft exhalation, something between a laugh and a sigh.

Then he turns his head and looks at Ianto, and his eyes look incredibly old. Ianto can't leave such a depth of longing uncomforted. He leans in to curl a hand round Jack's jaw and kisses him softly. Jack makes a tiny sound of want and kisses back, gentle and warm but somehow so lost underneath it all that Ianto finds himself wishing savagely that Jack had never met the damn Doctor.

He doesn't let it show, however. He just stays there for a long time, holding and kissing Jack, until Jack finally stops holding back and starts to deepen the kiss, hands coming up to cup Ianto's face, and Ianto gasps because no matter how many times they do this, the intensity of Jack's desire always takes him by surprise.

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Title: Magwitch
Author:[livejournal.com profile] angstosaur
Genre: Angst, team fic. Looks like there will be some hurt/comfort in future chapters as well.
Rating: Currently 15, although it does say future chapters might be nc17
Summary: Post "Something Borrowed". Weevils, marshes, strange diseases. (This is the author's summary, which really doesn't do it justice.)
Status: Work in progess, it is being updated daily.
Length: 13 chapters or about 22,000 words so far.
Warnings: Spoilers for Something Borrowed. Potential for spoilers for everything up to Something Borrowed.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: I can't believe nobody's recc'd this yet. It's well written, has an interesting plot, good team interactions and nice Owen and Tosh characterisation, as well as looking at Jack and Ianto's relationship.


The SUV was far from inconspicuous as it tore down the narrow lanes outside of the city on its way to the north coast of the Gower peninsula.

Owen shook his head as Jack cut up yet another holiday-maker taking a leisurely drive, a family in a Volvo towing a caravan had not expected a large, black four wheel drive to virtually force them off the road.

“For fuck’s sake Jack – try not to kill anyone on the way!”

“I’m trying very hard not to. But, you’d better believe me, if Ianto isn’t OK, I may change my mind.”

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