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Title: Moving In
Author: [profile] ukcalico
Angst, Smut, Romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ianto's first day at work. AKA, Oblivious Jack is oblivious!
Status: Oneshot
Length: 6800 words
Warnings: A bit on the smutty side?
Comment or Excerpt from fic:  It's a very hot fic, but since we know what Ianto is up to when Jack goes downstairs to try and distract him, it's also very angsty. It's very IC and a plausible look at what could've happened after the flashback in 'Adrift', during Ianto's first week at work.

Anyway, I'll...just let the fic speak for itself, shall I?

Ianto shook his head, keeping his eyes fixed on Jack's. "I know why you're really here. You're not interested in what's in that box," and the way he said it was almost hypnotic. He approached slowly, and his expression was the same as when he'd been reaching to touch the fresh weevil bite on Jack's neck yesterday; purposeful, knowing. "You're not interested in what I'm doing. You're interested in me."

"Maybe," Jack allowed, extremely interested in what might come next. Looked like he wouldn't need a line after all.

Ianto put his face close to Jack's; he was about the same height. "There's no maybe about it," Ianto said, his voice soft and hoarse, and his eyes were black and he smelled
intriguing, like sweat and singed hair and engine oil. "I felt you yesterday. Under me." His eyes blazed bright, as if with tears, and his voice dropped further. He said, confessional, almost painfully: "I want to feel you again."

Jack forgot all about lines, and kissed him.
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Title: [profile] ouvretesyeux: Open Your Eyes - a Jack/Ianto AU Storyline
Author: [profile] maverick0324 
and [personal profile] athousanderrors
series, AU, drama, romance, angst
Rating: PG to NC-17
Summary: Set from 1936 right up to the present day, it follows a rather different Jack and Ianto, from their time at St Boswell's School for Boys, through their service in World War Two right up to their dotage in Cardiff, with every trial and tribulation in between.
Status: WiP
Length: 35 chapters, plus 2 extra about other characters. There have also been drabbles and AU stories written about it by other authors. You can find the list of everything here.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Oh my God, where do I start? The world needs more AU fic like this. The era it's set in has been well-researched by the authors, the OCs feel like canon, and the story is just beautiful. I could gush all day. XD

At 35 chapters, it can seem a bit daunting, but once you get into it (and you will, promise), it's hard to get out. I read them all straight through in one sitting, and impatiently await the next chapter (hint to the writers if they're reading this... >_>)

Preview: He broke the kiss, blushing still, lips parted as he gasped, eyes closed. “This is wrong.” He breathed, brows knitted in confusion. “I shouldn’t…” He opened his eyes, looking at Jack. Giving in, he dragged Jack closer with a hand at the back of his neck, kissing him hungrily.

Now he knew why things had been so awkward. Why had missed Jack’s presence so much. It wasn’t just the company, it was the secret smiles, the comforting pressure of a strong body against his side, soft laughter in his ear as they lay on the roof.

And this…he didn’t know how he could miss this, he’d never had it. But oh, somehow he had.
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Title: How to Succeed At Exhibitionism without Really Trying
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sparky77
Rating: R
Ianto took satisfaction in the little victories with Jack for the same reason that a person falling off a cliff takes satisfaction in grabbing hold of a tree branch on their way down.
Comment or Excerpt from fic:
It was easier to focus on small, solvable problems like how to get Jack to be quiet (sex), how to get Jack to give a straight answer (promises of sex), how to get Jack to quit groping you when you’re trying to file fragile and dangerous alien artifacts (threats of lack of sex).

But everything in this fic is so wonderfully snarky, and lovely, and just perfect.


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