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Title: wherein jack's long gone, ianto's asleep, and TARDIS has better things to do
Author: [personal profile] curiouslyfic
Genre: smexy angst
Rating: FRM
Summary: So much time has passed, and just when the memories had begun to fade... the Doctor realizes something frightening and crosses his own time line to bring lovers together one last time. Set on New Earth.
Status: complete
Warnings: telepathic sex, tentacle sex, masturbation
Comment or Excerpt from fic: While it has tentacle sex, this story is about the sweetest and most fantastic thing I have ever been gifted. It's heartbreaking and a lot less about tentacles and a lot more about Jack and Ianto.

Something rubbery rubs his temple, icks him with wetness in soft, sweet pets. He turns his face into it, more for comfort that anything else. Rough goings lately, Jack gone (again) and rift active, and he’s crashed hard into sleep he’s more than well-earned. There is nothing about Ianto Jones that might give this away, but he enjoys the petting he’s receiving more now, while he does not know what’s touching him, than he might once he does. Ianto Jones has learned not to ask anymore, the answers are never right.
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Title: What Lies Within
Author:[personal profile] xtricks
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: Adult
Summary: 'Jellyfish!Ianto is not as cracky as it should be.'
Status: Complete
Length: 13 Chapters plus and Epilogue.
Warnings: Tentacle Sex.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: This story SOUNDS like crack but it is absolutely amazing. I cried a couple of times. It's absolutely brilliant with a very real interactions and characters. The only thing I could say for this fic would be 'Wow'.

Edit: Link SHOULD work now. Sorry about that.


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