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Tags: genre: romance , genre: alternate universe , post-cyberwoman , genre: slight angst


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romance, angst, suspense


Every decision made changes the future. For better or worse, Ianto wakes up in a universe where he never had a chance to hide Lisa in the basement – A universe where he died in the wreckage of Canary Wharf and somebody else went to Cardiff with a deadly secret...


seven chapters plus one

Well, at the very end you get a mentioning of Jack/Gwen, but really, don't worry... really!!! It'll be fine. Spoilers up to "Cyberwoman", obviously, and up to "Something Borrowed" in the epilogue.

Comment or Excerpt from fic: Can't believe this hasn't been recced yet (that or I was too stupid to find it on the masterlist)... I get to rec a [profile] plotbunniesinc story! Huge fan of their writing, me. Funny, witty, ranging from lighthearted to heartbreaking, but always with a happy ending - bless them! This is their turn at a Post-Cyberwoman fic.


Click the title for an overview on plotbunniesinc's lifejournal page or hit the links below for the respective chapters.

Chapter 1 --- Chapter 2 --- Chapter 3 --- Chapter 4 --- Chapter 5 --- Chapter 6 --- Chapter 7 --- Chapter 8 - Epilogue
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Tags: category: broken!ianto, category: protective!jack, category: hurt!ianto, category: vulnerable!ianto, genre: angst, genre: hurt/comfort, post-countryside
Title: Thorn Hills
Author: ravenschild
Genre: angst, hurt/comfort
Rating: will get Adult
Summary:   Admittedly, there had been much to do in the aftermath of "Countrycide": interviews with psycho villagers, tending to Gwen's shotgun wounds, dealing with the police... But it is only the next morning that it becomes apparent to the team that Ianto hasn't returned with any of them to Cardiff. So Ianto is out, somewhere, alone, injured and under shock. In their frantic search for him the team realise that Ianto hasn't come to terms yet with the loss of Lisa and his trauma from "Cyberwoman"...

“How the fuck do you think he is? He’s slept on a fucking grave in the cold with barely anything on after some sick fuck beat the shit out of him and wanted to eat him for dinner?”

Status: WIP
Length: multichapter
past Jack/Owen mentioned, mentions of violence and possible graphic violence in later chapters
Comment or Excerpt from fic:  I love hurt/comfort fics and, in my humble opinion, "Countrycide" sets the perfect base for Ianto-centric hurt/comfort and angst. In this fic, we also get residue from "Cyberwoman" which equals more angst and hurt (poor Ianto!), but accordingly more comfort-potential for Jack... And the Jack we encounter here is determined to protect his team by all means necessary - remember the little heart to heart Jack and one of the cannibals had in the pub's cellar, where Jack demonstrated his skills as the  "go-to-guy" in regards of toture? Well, now one of his has been hurt and he is out for revenge...
(Another plus: it has a snarky but protective Owen whom I totally love!)

It's a bit tricky to figure out the right order of the chapters from the author's account over on Teaspoon, so just click on the links and enjoy the heartbreak...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
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tags: category: protective!ianto, crossover: doctor who,
Title: Take me out
Author: Winterhill
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Introspection, Slash, Standalone
Rating: All ages
Summary: "After the events of Exit Wounds, Ianto takes Jack out to look at the stars and reflect. Based on a line in the Captain's Blog, so some slight spoilers for that (from the BBC America site) in addition to the obvious. Small cameo by the Doctor."
Status: Oneshot
Length: 2659 words
spoilers for "Exit Wounds", obviously, but other than that... nope.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Oh dear, one more...  I am sure there are many good post-Exit-Wound fics out there, and I simply don't know them seeing as I try to avoid them. I think they are just too sad, too depressive. This one isn't a bunch full of laughter (and how could it be?), too, but it is excellently written, very delicate. We meet a Jack who is traumatised from being buried alive for about two millenia and a gentle, caring Ianto and the two of them are just so attuned to one another, so sweet, so dependent on one another - which makes you feel all fluffy until you remember that their time together is limited and Jack is bound to be alone again all too soon... and we get a small glimpse of that future, one without Ianto, although it isn't as lonely as we and Jack might have feared...

tags: category: angry!ianto, category: broken!ianto, category: hurt!ianto, crossover: doctor whogenre: hurt/comfort, genre: humorpairing: doctor/master, pairing: jack/other, warning: violence
Title: A mind hidden
Author: TheLadyHel
Genre: Slash, Hurt/Comfort, Humour
Rating: Teen
Other Pairing: Doctor/Master
Summary: "Ianto turns up on the TARDIS, unconscious, beaten and bloody. Reticent about what happened to him, he makes friends with the least likely person aboard. Well. Sort of friends. For a given value of friends, anyway."
Status: Complete
Length: 8800 words
Swearing and violence (and sarcasm)
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Alright, I'll admit it: what initially prompted me to give this story a go, was the prospect of a hurt Ianto. Yep, give me angst and hurt and then a nice dose of comfort and romance and I'm happy.
So, here we get Ianto beaten to a pulp, the questions who did it and why, the fact that Ianto is thoroughly pissed off with Jack, Jack desperately trying to win back Ianto's love and trust - and all of this seen through the eyes of non other but : the Master (aka "least likely person aboard")!!! Which might pose a problem for some readers, as he sort of is the central character of this piece. And he is glorious: snarky and sarcastic and mean, it's a true pleasure to witness him commenting his way through the story - while trying to remain aloof in his megalomaniac Time Lord superiority and not to become affected by all the emotions and caring and love aound him... TheLadyHel is a very talented writer and does a  wonderful job with depicting her characters (I love her Doctor, all powerful and superior alien!)- go for it!


Theta, in a dressing gown and boxers, pokes the lump with his foot, tentatively.

“Well?” The Master glowers from the work surface on the other side of the room. “What is it?”

The Doctor sighs, taking out the sonic screwdriver, “‘It’ is a human. You know. Live on earth, two arms, only one heart. You kill them a lot.”

The Master smiles, fondly, “Oh yes!” He pauses, “Can we kill it? It did spill my drink you know.”


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