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Title: Keeping Time
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kerryblaze
Genre: Crossover, angst, hurt-comfort...
Rating: R - sexual situations, and language...
Summary: Jack leaves Torchwood and Ianto behind. Ianto must go on as leader of Torchwood until he dies. Or so he thinks.
Status: WIP
Length: Eight parts, length not specified.
Warnings: Character Death(s), slightly spoilerish for one of the companion novels and both seasons of TW.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: I totally read this whole thing in one sitting. I just - yeah. I can't begin to say how much I'm enjoying it so far. In a nutshell : Jack leaves Torchwood, Ianto is in charge and he's the leader for a while, so he notices someone following him over that time. He's a bit older, but damn if he's not awesome in this one.

Excerpt :
Ianto knocked on the door. He stood back, cleared his throat, straightened his tie, and yanked the hem of his suit jacket down. On the other side of the door, a familiar voice, cheerier than Ianto had ever heard it, called out. "Did you lose your keys again, lover?"

The door opened. Ianto smelt beef cooking and his empty stomach rumbled. Rhys's broad grin faltered when he saw Ianto and not Gwen. He peered behind Ianto's shoulder, looking for her, as a piece of Ianto's heart shattered and died.

"Rhys… I…" His voice cracked. 'Dammit! Hold it together. Be professional.'

Rhys knew. He looked into Ianto's face and knew. He stumbled backwards a few steps and dropped the tea towel that he'd been holding. "No - no. Don't you dare…"

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | ...
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Title: Under the Dark Sky Moons
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ice_feather
Genre: AU, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Angst
Rating: R
Other/Implied Pairings: Jack/OFC
Summary: At fifty, Ianto Jones is aging like fine wine. Often, Jack likes Ianto better this way. A pretty young thing will never fail to turn his head, but there is nothing like a gentleman, with experience and wisdom and a refreshing sense of refinement.
Length: One-Shot
Word Count: 1,815
Warnings: Het.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Oh this is one of THE most heartbreaking fics I've ever read! It's written in a totally different element, very fantasy-like and very different from any other fantasy~esque Torchwood fics I've ever read. Because of the topic, I was expecting the story to take place in dreamscape because of the fantasy feel, but I was proven wrong... by more than a mile and my heart just broke even more. Very heartwrenching piece where Jack and Ianto are forced apart by out-worldly circumstances.

... I probably just confused everyone with that comment, but... *sniffles**keeps a box of tissue on hand*



It’s a lonely planet. It’s five times the size of Earth, but there’s just one kingdom. The rest is landscapes... lush and beautiful... but it goes on forever, and lacks any true sense of life.

... Thunder rumbles... as Jack makes the journey... the storm showing signs of arriving earlier than predicted. Jack doesn’t care. It can rain a monsoon and he’ll stay out here, because he’s never been able to resist heartbreak.

The Garden is beyond the castle walls, a short walk... Jack uses it often, a place to think, surrounded by flowers and babbling brooks and the song of the bird. It’s a small slice of perfect paradise in an otherwise vastly desolate planet and it’s the Garden that makes Jack return to this dull little world every thousand years, because he’s weak and needy and still misses sections of his past when he wasn’t so alone... It’s all he can do, until the right hour when the universes connect for a brief moment in time.

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Title: This I Give You
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ice_feather
Genre: AU, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama
Rating: PG
Other/Implied Pairings: Ianto/OC, Gwen/Rhys
Summary: I’m going to need you to do something for me now,” Jack asked as he pulled away, and brought a hand up to rest against Ianto’s cheek. “Don’t die. Not until you’re a little old man, married to a little old woman, with children and grandchildren and a long, full life behind you…”
Length: One-Shot
Word Count: 1,417
Warnings: probably sometime Post-Torchwood 2x13 "Exit Wounds," RetCon
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Talk about heartbreaking! I don't want to spoil the fic but read at your own caution...

*crying her eyes out as she hands-out the tissue*



“I’m going to need you to do something for me now,” Jack asked as he... brought a hand up to rest against Ianto’s cheek. “Don’t die. Not until you’re a little old man, married to a little old woman, with children and grandchildren and a long, full life behind you…”

Ianto wondered what was going on, and chuckled at the absurdity of it. “I don’t think Torchwood -”

“You don’t need to worry about Torchwood anymore. I want you safe, and I should have done this a long time ago. I would have, but I’ve always been so very selfish.”

Ianto felt every single cell go rigid as he remembered the Hub and the glass of water Jack had insisted he drink.

“No. Jack, tell me you didn’t.”

Jack’s only response was to kiss him again, but briefer, and full of apology and regret.

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Title:The Time Traveller's Husband
Author:[livejournal.com profile] leofuller
Rating:15 for content
Summary:Jack’s immortal. Ianto isn’t.
Status: Complete
Warnings: Reference to character death.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Exactly the fic i've been searching for. It's many kinds of awesome; absolutely beautiful. The best story i have read by far, and the ending is just... beautiful. I could actually see Jack doing this, just to have Ianto. Worth the second read, or more.


“Are you having an affair?” Jack asked during breakfast a few days later.


“Am I not paying you enough attention?”

“What on Earth are you talking about?”

“Do I not make you happy any more?”

Ianto stared at Jack across the table. “Of course you make me happy. What’s this about, Jack?”

“Stop pretending, Ianto, I know.” Jack sounded frustrated, unhappy, and a little angry.
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Title: The Ties that Bind
Author: [personal profile] holdingoff
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG13
Summary: He remembers someone once commenting that his time line made their head hurt, but they couldn't possibly know the extent of just how non-linear his line has become.
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: None
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Wonderful oneshot where Jack is known as The Commander at the time agency and he reminiscences about Ianto, their children and their life together. It has a wonderful twist in how everything is connected.

His fingers continue caressing the silk, and as they slide past the black to the pink, a smile forms on his face. A pink quite similar to the shade his beautiful Welshman blushes when that first tentative step towards a real relationship was made over a fumbling offer of dinner and a movie. It is such a wonderful shade of pink that colored his face as they danced at her wedding, and later at their own; or the flush of being caught quite literally with their pants down in the greenhouse. It also reminds the Commander of the pink skin found on their little boy and girl when they were born. He is exhausted, but not willing to miss the sheer wonder reflecting in the eyes of his beloved partner as he carefully counts fingers and toes on both little bundles of life.
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Title: Full of Surprises
Author: [profile] miss_zedem 
Genre: Mpreg, Romance, Fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: Ianto had long ago accepted that Jack was different...
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: Mpreg
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Because I love Mpreg fics, and this one starts where Jack is already pregnant and having the baby. Aww
Jack scowled at him. "This is all your fault," he muttered, pouting and staring down at his swollen belly.

Ianto followed his gaze, not sure whether he wanted to laugh or run away. "There were two of us there at the time, if I remember rightly." He leaned forward and kissed the pout away, smiling as he felt Jack start to respond. "It's going to be okay."

"You're not the one having to do this." Jack leaned forward awkwardly, resting his head on Ianto's shoulder as the pain killers started to kick in.
And then there's the sequel, which is on the same post.

Title: When I'm Gone
Genre: Angst, Romance, Implied Mpreg
Rating: PG
Summary: Seventy years is a long time to love someone...
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: Character Death.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Sequel to the above mentioned fic, and it's more angsty, but beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.
"What the hell are you playing at?" Jack stormed across the bedroom floor and shook Ianto's shoulder, forgetting for a moment in his anger just how ill his lover was. "The Doctor? You have our children searching for the Doctor?"

"Yes, I do, and if you wouldn't mind dialling down the hissy fit for five minutes, I'll explain why." Ianto's eyes fluttered open, and Jack could see a flicker of amusement behind the pain. Age may have softened his lover's face, but Ianto's eyes had lost none of their expressiveness, and for a moment Jack saw the boy of twenty-five rather than the old man he'd become.

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Title: Make It Go Away
Author: [profile] athousandfics
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Summary: Make it go away, or make it better; isn’t that what love’s supposed to do?
Status: Complete/Oneshots
Length: Oneshot
Comment or Excerpt from fic: 

Carefully removing the cd, returning it to its case, he switched off the stereo, plunging the room into total darkness, bar the streetlight just outside the window. He was totally unprepared, then, for a voice in the darkness. 

There is also a WIP sequel to this fic.


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