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Title: Certain For The Dead
Author: [livejournal.com profile] garnettrees
Genre: Angst
Rating: MA
Summary: The past never dies -- few understand that better than Jack Harkness. Twenty years ago, Jack saved a little Welsh boy from the world of 'faeries'. It's only now he discovers he's still paying the ransom.
Status: WIP
Length: 5 Chapters so far
Warnings:Spoilers for S1/S2
Comment or excerpt from fic: The first chapter of this story was posted way back in November last year, with four chapters posted up to December. The fifth chapter was posted a few days ago. As a more recent convert to the lovely that is Janto, I hadn't read the previous chapters so came to it completely new. This is a beautifully written, almost poetic, coda to the episode Small Worlds. Normally I wouldn't rec a wip, as I know how frustrating it can be to wait for the next chapter, but this one is just too good to wait. If you haven't yet read it, please do and then shower the author with the comments and plaudits she deserves :)

Link takes you to Chapter 5, where you'll find links to all previous parts.


Toshiko had wanted to keep the Cyber Conversion Unit for study; a request he had almost granted. A sudden, horrible image had occurred to him, a nightmare for a man who rarely slept. In his mind's eye, he had seen Ianto, sleeping in Lisa's steel cradle, like a man buried alive.
A purely fear-driven thought, and not a rational one -- not something Ianto would ever do.

(A boy's voice, so raw and young. And long ago. "The silver girl. I see her and she makes me feel so sad.")

Jack destroyed the conversion unit the next day.
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Title: Easily Bruised
Author: wildstranger
Genre: Hurt-comfort (ish)
Rating: R
Summary: Post-Countryside
Status: Complete/Oneshot
Length: One Chapter, 1232 words
Warnings:Spoilers for Cyberwoman and Countryside
Comment or excerpt from fic: Well, no prizes for guessing who's lj I've been stalking lately. Found my way there via one of [livejournal.com profile] beachan18's former recs and it truely is a treasure trove of Janto goodness. This one is post-Countryside (a personal favourite) and I particularly like Jack's care in his handling of Ianto following the events of Cyberwoman and then Countryside. For once he demonstrates patience and restraint which of course is all very well...but it's lovely when he lets baser Jack finally come out to play too :)


He watches Ianto move slowly around the Hub, pausing to breathe heavily whenever Owen whirls past him with an accidental bump, or when reaching for a extra box of camomile tea on the top shelf (Gwen has taken to drinking herbal teas in the evening and proselytises about the effects despite constant mocking from Owen) causes his jacket to pull too tightly across his shoulders. Jack keeps his hands to himself, refrains from even a friendly brush of hands on the lower back and the spread of warmth it would produce.

He is careful with Ianto, keeping a safe distance between them so that Ianto knows he won't be suddenly attacked (Jack has taken to keeping his hands behind his back when talking to Ianto, which causes great hilarity among the rest of the team), but also asking questions, paying attention, making it clear that Ianto is valued.
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First timer reccer, so hope I get this right :)

Title: Been staring down the barrel of a gun
Author: [livejournal.com profile] wildstranger
Genre: Angst
Rating: NC17
Summary: Post-Cyberwoman,
Status: Complete/Oneshot
Length: One Chapter, 6300 words
Warnings: coercion (but not non-con), Spoilers for Cyberwoman
Comment or excerpt from fic: I can't believe this hasn't already been recc'd. It's one of the best post-Cyberwoman fics I've read and one of the very few that manages to make the idea of Ianto sleeping with Jack in the aftermath of Lisa's death actually plausible. Beautifully written.


Jack leads him down the stairs, to the left, and down again to the communal bathroom. Here, it occurs to Ianto, is a good place for an execution. Jack won't want to make any more of a mess for them to clean.

Yet Jack doesn't tell him to face the wall. Not precisely.

"Take your clothes off."


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