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Title: The Bightest Heaven
Author: Veronicaluv
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack has dinner with an old friend...
Status: Complete - Oneshot
Length: 4,400 words
Warnings: Jack/OFC (past)
Comment or Excerpt from fic:

She was beautiful, the kind of beautiful that most people of the twenty-first century rarely saw outside of airbrushed teenagers in magazines and chemically sculpted celebrities prancing down red carpets. She was the centre of attention in the small, intimate dining room, and though she sat alone with her eyes fixed on her glass of champagne, everyone, man and woman, was watching her. Some surreptitiously, some openly, some with envy and some with pure, starry-eyed admiration, but they all felt the same pull, the same sense-tingling fascination that they would later translate into inspired lovemaking, delicate love poems, and awe-inspired glances into the icy cold universe that decorated a crisp winter sky. They'd never be able to explain to perplexed family members why that was they night they'd proposed to their long time girlfriend, or gone home and painted their first masterpiece, or decided to start the charity that no one had ever imagined. They'd never know that they'd been touched with the inspiration of the gods, or that the woman who sat alone in the restaurant had brushed their lives with no more than her breath, giving them a precious piece of herself.

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