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Title: Silent Running in Deep Waters
Author: [livejournal.com profile] choccy_grl 
AU, Romance, WW2, Action, Drama
PG - NC17
Disgraced American pilot Captain Jack Harkness starts again in a new country and a new service but will a young sonar operator make things easier or harder for Jack?
15 Chapters + Prologue and Epilogue (38,315 Words)
Brief mention of Jack/OFC (and suggested Jack/OFC/OMC) and Ianto/Lisa
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Very good AU that has nothing to do with Torchwood with a mortal Jack and Ianto in the second world war in a Royal Navy Submarine, you can imagine what happens lol. It's well written and has good pace, there's no rushing into things :). This is one of my favourite WW2 Jack/Ianto stories :D


He shrugged on the coat that had been hanging over his arm - no-one would see it was an Air Force coat in the dark - and tugged the warm comforting material around him.  Sadly this would have to go into storage at his lodging house with most of the rest of his things; he’d miss the coat, it was almost like it was a part of him.  Taking one last glance at his new charge he turned and left the docks behind him.  He rounded the corner of one of the cargo units, head bowed against the wind; and impacted with something warm and solid.


Glancing up, he was just in time to see a figure step round him with a clear “Sorry, Sir” before the figure was swallowed up by the darkness out towards the harbour.  He’d barely seen the man, nothing really but shadow; yet still he was left with the lingering impression of blue grey eyes and a muttered ‘Like the coat’.


There's also a PDF version of this story if you would prefer it: Here.
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Title: If Not Wisely
Author: [livejournal.com profile] liadan14
Genre: Angst
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ianto keeps count. He hardly knows why--it's not like it matters, it's not like Jack cares, it's not like he wouldn't sound like a creepy stalker if he were to say something like, "I remember our seventeenth kiss. It was in the archives."
Status: Complete
Length: ~9,500 words in 3 parts
Warnings: None

Comment or Excerpt from fic: This story snuck up on me. I started reading it and certainly thought it was good, but as the story unfolded I found myself absolutely drawn in and held fast. It's beautifully written, showing Ianto as the more-than-slightly screwed up person he is without taking him out of character. The build-up to the end was very well-done, and the end itself was a perfect grace note to a wonderful story.
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Title: First Time for Everything
Author:  [livejournal.com profile] criccieth 
Genre:  backstory, angst, drama, ect
Rating:  NC-17
Summary: All relationships have their stages and their first moments
Status: Incomplete, looooong
Warnings: Sex, domestic abuse, suicide attempts
Comment: This isn't the sort of background I normally buy for Ianto, but the details and emotions are so vivid here that it's hard not to buy it. The story is shaping up to be complicated and full of interesting interactions between Jack and Ianto, some of which looks like it has/is going to involve a sort of time travel. Updates are long in coming, but seeing as the length of each section is ridiculous, I'm not going to complain too much.

For two years Ianto has been doing his best to forget, to bury the memories. And now, if Harkness does turn out to want what Oliver wanted…It won’t be the same, he tells himself firmly. Won’t be trapped. Won’t be a prisoner this time. As soon as she’s better, we’ll leave. Slowly, his hands stop shaking. Lisa, he reminds himself. It’s for Lisa. Whatever it takes, remember? Doesn’t matter what it costs. You can handle it. It’s for her. But he feels so cold.
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Title: Anodyne
Author:  os4a2no9
Genre:  Closest to hurt/comfort, but that's not quite right
Rating:  NC-17
Summary: "Ianto’s numb, and he likes it that way"
Status: Complete, 2335 words
Warnings: Sex and heartbreak
Comment: Set post Cyberwoman and Countrcide, Ianto is trying to come to terms with losing his girlfriend *and* nearly being eaten by cannibals. This fic is one of the few that I have read that actually explores how horrific and traumatic this would be for Ianto and appreciates what anyone would have to do to stay sane. Really heartbreaking and genuine with some Jack and Ianto soapy shower fun thrown in there too. Best fic I have read this year so far [and believe me, I don't get out much].

"Time passed in Torchwood as time always did: noisily, messily, and with a great deal of shouting. He was numb to most of it."


[Apologies for lack of pretty formatting]
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Title: Come Away, Oh Human Child
Author: sparking_off
Rating: T
Word count: ~9200 - split into two parts by LJ claiming it's too big. Sigh.
Timeline: Set during ‘Small Worlds’, no spoilers past that.
Characters: Ianto-centric, Jack/Ianto.
Summary: An alternative take on the events in ‘Small Worlds’, from the point of view of someone who knows the fairies intimately.

Title: The World’s More Full of Weeping
Author: sparking_off

Rating: K+
Word count: 5779
Timeline: Set in the time between ‘Greeks Bearing Gifts’ and ‘Out of Time’, although there’s no reference to ‘They Keep Killing Suzie’.
Characters: Ianto-centric, Jack/Ianto
Summary: Ten years after the death of Ianto’s mother, he returns to her childhood home to say goodbye and to be himself, away from the dangers and secrecy of Torchwood, and away from the confusion that is his relationship with Jack.

Commentary: The idea of Ianto as one of the fairies' Choosen Ones isn't something new in fandom. What is new is the idea of Ianto as a fairy- a fairy lord, even. sparking_off's Ianto is a comflicted fellow, stranding between two very different worlds, both a which are frightening in their own way, not in the least because he loves them both. The writing style itself is very subtle and soothing, and sometimes nonlinear as well, as Ianto deals with the effects of things which to the reader have no cause. If you're a fan of strong Ianto or romantic Janto, this is a story for you.



Click for fairies )
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Title: London Burning
Author: SylvanWitch
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Episode Related, First Time
Rating: R
Summary: Three days after the events of 1:04, Ianto returns to the hub
Status: Oneshot
Length: 1/1
Warnings: m/m slash, dark themes, and SPOILERS for 1:04, "Cyberwoman." 
Other/Implied Pairings: Ianto/Lisa 
Comment or Excerpt from fic: This is such a gorgeous, emotional, angsty fic with a bit of hope. 


"Three days after Lisa dies (again) (forever), Ianto finds himself back at the hub.

His dreams rain fire so that when he opens his eyes, he sees streamers-orange and red and an insidious sulfur yellow—and they burn.

Maybe it’s the salt tears.

He can’t sleep, can’t stay another minute with his head against the sweat-stale pillow case, the one he hasn’t changed in days, which isn’t like him."

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Title: Being Alive
Author: [livejournal.com profile] erin_giles
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Other/Implied Pairings: implied past Ianto/Lisa
Summary: It wasn't about feelings with Jack and Ianto, not really, it was more about the desperate need to feel something other than the pain of losing and being lost - to feel alive.
Length: One-shot
Word Count: 2,641
Warnings: Spoilers for and post Torchwood: 1x04 “Cyberwoman,” 1x06 “Countrycide,” and 1x08 “They Keep Killing Suzie,” Smut
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Strangely enough, for me, the question of whether Janto's (sexual) relationship started before TW S1 or not depends on my mood, and I’ve read all versions. Regardless, I do like Erin’s take on how things started between them, the slow build-up of feelings and emotions.



There was something about Jack Harkness - always had been. Ever since he’d unquestioningly tried to catch the man... trying to subdue a pterodactyl Ianto couldn’t deny there was something... 51st Century pheromones Jack had said and Ianto had thought it was a line, although... it was probably the truth. Ianto hadn’t been thinking of Lisa as he lay on top of Jack... laughter on his lips and Jack’s hot breath on his face... It was overwhelming Ianto’s senses now… he leaned in to kiss Jack tenderly, pulling back slightly and resting his forehead against Jack’s. He breathed in deep, inhaling Jack’s scent one last time before pulling away to look meaningfully in Jack’s eyes.

“Thank you.” Ianto breathed, before... turning to leave. Jack didn’t move until he heard the cog door rolling back... letting out a long sigh... hee... turned to the decanter on his desk, but at the last minute changed his mind. He wanted – needed – sleep, and as he lay between the sheets that night he thought of life and not death.

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Title: Me and Mr. Jones
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lady_sb
Genre: AU, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Romance, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Other/Implied Pairings: Ianto/Lisa, Jack/Gwen, Doctor/Rose, Rhys/Gwen, Jack/OCs, implied past John/Ianto
Summary: What begins as a fleeting look at a wedding between Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones soon develops into a deep friendship that neither expects. However, Ianto is happily married and Jack is in the midst of planning his own wedding. How will they both cope when feelings start to stir?
Status: Work In Progress
Length: Multi-chapter / 12 TOTAL
Word Count: TBC
Warnings: Het., Violence
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Usually, I try to avoid character cheating fics (unless I'm in a vindictive mood), but this fic has a twist in the sense that it's Jack and Ianto that cheat with each other on their fiancée/wife, so I'm all for it!


... Guess that makes me a hypocrite, but...! BUT...! It's JANTO!! And though I don't really have anything against Lisa, I DO dislike Gwen, so... *shrugs and grins*



Ianto Jones hated weddings... he... was gradually inching away from another hopeful young thing... when a distinctively dirty laugh from halfway across the room caught his attention.

Ianto never really noticed other men but it was hard to ignore this one. If his height and the confident swagger in his shoulders didn't set him apart, the American accent did. He was handsome... no doubt, but it was his eyes that Ianto noticed the most. Even from where he was standing, Ianto could see how startlingly blue they were.

And suddenly those blue eyes met his and it was all Ianto could do not to drop his drink and avert his gaze... Even though he was deeply embarrassed... tipped his glass in the other man’s direction and... allowed himself a smile of quiet satisfaction when he felt the American’s gaze bore into the back of his head.

Now if he could only stop his heart from pounding like a jackhammer. Fuck.


R/C: Chapter links at the bottom; link to “Prologue” can be acquired either by clicking on the title at the top or the link at the bottom *points below*. You can also view the next chapter by clicking on the link at the end of the current chapter...

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | ...

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Title: The Perfect Host
Author: [livejournal.com profile] mrsiantojones_x
Genre: AU, Mystery, Drama, Romance
Rating: NC-17?
Other/Implied Pairings: N/A
Summary: Jack's team gets taken hostage and it's up to him to save them before its too late, but he stumbles across someone who was made to be perfect. A handsome male, who can't age and can't die - The Perfect Host. It's up to the Torchwood team to look after him and name him. The perfect Welsh name - Ianto Jones.
Status: Work In Progress
Length: Multi-chapter / 11 TOTAL
Word Count: TBC
Warnings: Pre-Torchwood S1 through 1x01 "Everything Changes," Characters deaths (one temporary and one not)
Comment or Excerpt from fic: You can't blame me for liking this story! I mean, an AI~ish Ianto who can't age and die and who's been asleep until a mere touch of Jack's woke him! *____* How very Sleeping Beauty~ish, except without the kiss, but I'm not complaining! If that doesn't say true love (and it IS since Ianto never woke up from anyone else's touch!), I don't know WHAT is!



He walked along another one of the endless corridors... It smelt of life... He headed to the door... Opening it cautiously, Jack looked around... In the centre of the room was a large table... Machines were plugged in all around it, Jack noticed them straight away as life support machines. He didn't know whether he should be pleased that their was a steady heartbeat... He stepped closer to the body... It was a human... Pale features, brown matted hair. Perfect skin... He couldn't tell the age, he looked young, but old at the same time. His fingers brushed against the cold skin... He was freezing, yet radiating warmth. His eyes and mouth shot open. Breathing in deep as though it was his first breath he looked at Jack.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked, the man looked like he was in pain...

“Run... Run!... I have to run...” The man repeated. “... we have to run...”


R/C: Chapter links at the bottom; link to "Chapter 1" can be acquired either by clicking on the title at the top or the link at the bottom *points below*...

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | ...

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Title: Easily Bruised
Author: wildstranger
Genre: Hurt-comfort (ish)
Rating: R
Summary: Post-Countryside
Status: Complete/Oneshot
Length: One Chapter, 1232 words
Warnings:Spoilers for Cyberwoman and Countryside
Comment or excerpt from fic: Well, no prizes for guessing who's lj I've been stalking lately. Found my way there via one of [livejournal.com profile] beachan18's former recs and it truely is a treasure trove of Janto goodness. This one is post-Countryside (a personal favourite) and I particularly like Jack's care in his handling of Ianto following the events of Cyberwoman and then Countryside. For once he demonstrates patience and restraint which of course is all very well...but it's lovely when he lets baser Jack finally come out to play too :)


He watches Ianto move slowly around the Hub, pausing to breathe heavily whenever Owen whirls past him with an accidental bump, or when reaching for a extra box of camomile tea on the top shelf (Gwen has taken to drinking herbal teas in the evening and proselytises about the effects despite constant mocking from Owen) causes his jacket to pull too tightly across his shoulders. Jack keeps his hands to himself, refrains from even a friendly brush of hands on the lower back and the spread of warmth it would produce.

He is careful with Ianto, keeping a safe distance between them so that Ianto knows he won't be suddenly attacked (Jack has taken to keeping his hands behind his back when talking to Ianto, which causes great hilarity among the rest of the team), but also asking questions, paying attention, making it clear that Ianto is valued.
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Title: To Heal The Wounds
Author: [livejournal.com profile] asa_meda 
Genre: AU, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Graphic Sex
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This is an AU tag to "Countrycide" in which Ianto's injuries are life-threatening and help is too far away. Jack can help, but what are the future ramifications? Can Ianto accept them?
Status: Complete
Length: Multi-chapter / 4 chapters
Warnings: Mentions of Abuse (all "off stage"); Violence
Comment: This fic is brilliant. I couldn't stop reading until I'd finished it. I love post-"Countrycide" fics that speculate on the severity of Ianto's injuries and this is hands' down my favorite so far. It also has the added bonus of Ianto being an empath which leads to a very interesting situation between him and Jack. I don't want to say more or risk giving it away. Just go read it!!

Chapters linked here: *points below* And I apologize for the rough links. *blush* LJ and I don't have a very good working relationship yet!

Part 1:    asa-meda.livejournal.com/15157.html#cutid1
Part 2:    asa-meda.livejournal.com/15368.html#cutid1
Part 3:    asa-meda.livejournal.com/15753.html#cutid1
Part 4:    asa-meda.livejournal.com/15929.html#cutid1
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Title: A Matter of Honor
Author: [personal profile] louiex
Genre: Mission-fic, Smut
Rating: NC17
Summary: When Jack goes missing after a simple recon mission, Ianto is elected to go in after him. But when its more than just a partying captain, the whole team has to fix a much more deadly problem.
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: Smut? :D
Comment or Excerpt from fic:

Jack meanwhile just laughed, his body was like a furnace as his arms came up around Ianto's waist to steady them both. "Hello there," he said with a smile and ever so casually slipped a hand around to lay a broad palm against the curve of the younger man's ass. "What's it take to get under that cute suit mm..?" The smooth voice, the easy smile, honestly if it weren't for that same glittered shine over his flushed skin then Ianto wouldn't have thought Jack was worse for the wear.

Until he kissed Ianto. Taking advantage of the slackened mouth to plunder the soft lips as his tongue twisted impossible shapes that made Ianto's knees threaten to give way. He really shouldn't be kissing back and blamed the heat, the scent of sex all around them, and most of all Jack for being an unfairly good kisser.
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Title: Pavlov's Bell
Author: [livejournal.com profile] smirnoffmule
Genre:Slight Angst, Smut
Summary: Training a pterodactyl isn't so easy for Ianto. Neither is caring for Lisa.
Status: Complete
Warnings: None
Comment or Excerpt from fic: This fic is set before Cyberwoman and sometime after Ianto joins, bringing Myfanway along with him. It's a look at Ianto's mind and what he will and won't focus on. It's an outsiders look at Jack and his seeming obliviousness. It's also a really hot, awkward first time. Sometimes those are the best.

Excerpt )
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Title: Torchwood Gap Stories
Author: [livejournal.com profile] christine_twfan
Genre: AUish, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Smut, Gap-fillers, Episode Related
Rating: NC-17
Other/Implied Pairings: Ianto/Lisa, Rhys/Gwen, Jack/Gwen (implied), implied past: Jack/Estelle (vague), Jack/John (brief)
Length: Multi-chapter
Word Count: ~ 47,779
Warnings: general spoilers for Torchwood season 1 from 1x04 "Cyberwoman" on and Torchwood S2, Character death

Title: Coffee Confessions
Summary: The progression of Jack and Ianto's relationship from anger to lust, and finally to something more.
Word Count: ~ 23,968 / 14 TOTAL
Comment or Excerpt from fic: This is the author's take on the back-stage happenings of Jack and Ianto's relationship. I absolutely LOVE this story because like many of you, I very much dislike the fact that much of Janto relationship happens off-screen. They show it in fast-forward; a kiss under the pretense of CPR, then *BHAM!* proposition for sex, then *BHAM!*, then an actual kiss, then *BHAM!* date, etc. I mean, I can understand that they can't show everything because of time constraints and whatnot, but that doesn't stop me from being annoyed. Anyway, this is all that in slow-motion. The slow burn of heat and anticipation is enough to drive anyone crazy! But I love it, anyway! ^______^




Title: Journey to Jack
Summary: After Captain John Hart leaves and the team have to avoid themselves, Ianto tries to come to terms with Jack's return.
Word Count: ~ 23,811 / 14 Interlude TOTAL
Comment or Excerpt from fic: These are TW S2 gap stories using BBC's Captain's Blog, very much similar the the S1 ones named "Coffee Confessions" recced HERE. It starts with Post-KKBB and goes from there!



Jack was back.

He’d barely had time to think about what that meant, let alone how he felt considering everything that had happened. The damned blowfish taunting him, his hands shaking so badly he wouldn’t have hit the wall with his bullet, much less the alien. Captain John Hart and his bloody diamond. God, the goose chase alone was enough to frustrate Ianto, but the attacks on the team. His team, his friends. Ianto drew in a deep breath to try and calm his rising anger.

Jack was back.

And Ianto hadn’t a clue what that meant yet.

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Title: Hatful of Hollow
Author: [livejournal.com profile] invisible_lift
Genre: Slight Angst, Romance, Drama
Rating: PG thru NC-17
Status: Series, Complete, 13 parts
Summary: Starts post-Countryside and moves through the rest of Series 1 following how Jack and Ianto's relationship develops.
Comments/Excerpts from fic: This story is full of wonderful moments and sharp insight into how a relationship between Jack and Ianto could develop and how it grows despite both of their best efforts. The characterization of Jack and Ianto in this story are so spot on there are moments that you think you're reading canon. And there are moments where you ARE reading canon. This follows Series 1 so thoroughly from "Countryside" on so when you get deja vu about some dialogue, etc. it really is moments from the series. *g*

Excerpt )

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Title: Jack Harkness is Not Boring in Bed
Author: [profile] maverick0324
Genre: Smut, Humor
Rating: NC17
Summary: In the aftermath of Hurricane Fuck Up Ianto's Life, Ianto tries to parcel out exactly what is going on in his life.
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot, ~6,157
Warnings: None
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Ianto's insight amuses me. Fantastic fic, really. Words don't do it justice. :3 I laughed at Ianto's POV then I drooled over the sex bit. Sexy and yet amusing, that's what it is. :D
The hardest part, of course, was reconciling his dreams and fantasies with his life. Prior to When Ianto's Life Decided To Just Fuck Off In It's Own Direction (as Ianto liked to call the rather horrible demise of his beloved Lisa), Ianto just explained it away as the byproduct of stress of caring for a half cyborg-half woman, keeping her hidden, and remaining in constant contact with Jack. Anyone of those surely would result in problem's at home, of a sort, or you know, having fantasies about the Boss that Ianto doubted would be even in his Aunt Bedilia's favorite bodice ripper (much to his horror).

Some of his fantasies had even gone so far as to add in words of compassion and longing that seemed to be misquoted out of some Austenian novel, complete with Ianto ending up sobbing in Jack's arms or else swooning into them upon Jack's declaration of undying devotion. None of which Ianto had allowed to exist.
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Title: If Not Now, When
Author: [profile] onehundredmoons
Genre: Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: Hard-R
Summary: The first time Ianto allows himself to realize that he and Jack have something between them, he is acutely aware of only the simplest matters.
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: None
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Because I love fics where Jack takes care of  a hurting!Ianto and viceversa. :)

"I'm still back here, you know," he croaks at Jack, who is busying himself with something in the front. "I don't think I can drive home by myself."

Jack clucks softly, saying "I didn't forget about you. I need to be here in the morning though, since I told the others to take the day off."

Ianto tries to frown, but his face is too swollen in odd places for it to have the proper effect. "I still need to get home."

"You'll stay here, where I can keep an eye on you." Jack pauses a moment. "I can't take back the beating they gave you, but I can damned well make sure you don't slip into a coma from that concussion you've got. Thick skull or not, Ianto Jones, I don't want an argument."

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Title: I Have Measured Out My Life in Coffee Spoons
Author: [personal profile] skellerbvvt 
Genre: Angst
Rating: R
Summary: Torchwood is an emotional Wasteland and they're all just vultures waiting for the kill.
Status: Complete
Length: One-shot
Word Count: 3614
Warnings: Spoilers for Fragments and Season 1.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: This fic it's amazing. It's from Jack's point of view from the moment Ianto starts working at Torchwood. He is obsessed with him, slightly possessive and completely frustrated with Ianto's refusal to sleep with him. It has the best and most amazing characterization that I have read so far of Ianto in that period of time. Another must read. Really.
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Title: More Than Flesh and Bone
Author: [personal profile] misslucyjane
Genre: Smut, Pre-series, alternate universe
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Everyone has one night that changed their lives forever. Ianto's got a few.
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: Schoolboy!Ianto weee~!
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Because this fic has 17-year old!Ianto meeting Jack when Jack is looking for a pterodactyl, Jack gets hurt and then Ianto takes care of him. And then they have sex. This fic is asking for a sequel.
"How old are you?"

"Seventeen, sir."

"Stop calling me sir," the man said in a soft voice, and Ianto thought he would even call the tone teasing. "It makes me feel old."

"What's your name, then?" Ianto challenged him, and the man laughed and lightly squeezed him around his waist.

"Captain Jack Harkness," he said. "And I'd be honored if you'd look after me tonight."
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Title: Draw the World in Shades of Grey
Author: [personal profile] calavarna
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: PG13
Summary: The night after Ianto's secret is revealed comes with the chilling realisation that he has only two options left.
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Warnings: Post-Cyberwoman
Comment or Excerpt from fic: I saw this fic recced in twstoryfinder and I'm glad i read it. Excellent Post-Cyberwoman fic where Ianto struggles on deciding if he wants to forget everything or stay in TW. I loved the conversation between Jack and Ianto, and...the kisss...Excellent characterization and writing.
“I’m not going to Retcon you.” Jack paused for a beat and raised a hand to forestall Ianto’s complaint. “You’re going to Retcon yourself.”

“Very well.” It was strangely fitting, Ianto thought with a sigh, that his time at Torchwood was to come to an end by his own hand. His actions, his choice, his responsibility. “Try to replace me with somebody who can actually read, I’ve spent too much time rearranging the archives for it to all go to waste.”

“I’ll try,” Jack said with the briefest of laughs. He waited until Ianto’s hand was hovering hesitantly over the coffee mug. “Do I get a kiss goodbye?”


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