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Title: Legacy of the Bad Wolf
Genre: Angst, Dark, Fluff, Smut, MPreg (Memory, and glosses over present), Crossover (Doctor Who), CoE - Compliant but things are fixed :D
Rating: NC-17/MA/Adult
Summary: The 10th Doctor finds Jack after the events of Children of Earth. COE fix.
Status: Complete
Length: 39,804 Words - 20 Chapters
Jack/Master, Jack/others, Jack/Lucia (mentioned), Ianto/Lisa (mentioned) Gwen/Rhys, and others.
Extreme Torture, Rape, MPreg, Slash, Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Mentions of character death, Language, dues ex machina
(All the nasty ones are memories)
Comment or Excerpt from fic: This is a brilliant fic that is recc'd at [livejournal.com profile] longliveianto  where I first found it, and I thought it should go here, as it gives us so much hope after the disaster that was the-series-that-shall-not-be-named. This is another fic that could be classed as canon if people wanted it to, in the words of the Doctor "Time can be rewritten."

The man who shouldn’t be looked up through eyes that were nearly swollen shut at the man who wasn’t a man, smiled a smile that could only be described as ‘terrifying’ and shouted, “Doctor!  What brings you here?  No, wait let me guess.  Um - Daleks?  No, no we got all of those.  Cybermen?  No, the last of those died when we killed Y-Ianto’s girlfriend.” The Doctor could hear the slight stutter even through the slurring and wondered what had happened before Jack went on. “No, no, no!  I’ve got it!  The 456, are they back?  Do you want to know how I did it?  Or did someone tell you what I did and you’ve come to put me down?” The Doctor flinched.

At this last, the Doctor saw Jack’s eyes light up with a kind of horrifying hope.  The Doctor realized that Jack was in worse shape than he thought if he believed for an instant that the Time Lord would actually kill him.

This is one awesome story, read this if you love stories where Ianto lives :D
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Title: Metal Tears for the Tin Man
Author: [livejournal.com profile] rina_angyl 
Angst, Fluff-ish, Doctor Who Crossover
When Captain Jack Harkness can no longer deal with the pain of his universe, the Doctor finds a way to give him another one and a new start.
WiP (but it's been written totally, just hasn't been posted up yet)
13 Chapters (out of 27)
Canon character death, non-graphic violence, suicide (only Jack), Jack Harkness/Jake Simmonds, Tom Milligan/Martha Jones, Rose Tyler/John 'Doc' Smith, Ianto Jones/Jake Simmonds (past)
Comment or Excerpt from fic:
This is a story that kinda makes CoE worth it :/, and that's hard for me to say because I'm a denier of CoE. This isn't a CoE fix-it, but it's as close as possible to one. This is really good, I'm totally hooked, I'm always anxiously awaiting updates :D

Excerpt... )
Excerpt... )Excerpt... )

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | ...

I'm a first-time reccer, so hopefully I got everything right XD
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Title: Losing Ianto
Author: Otrame ([livejournal.com profile] otrame)
Genre: Angst, hurt/comfort, romance
Warnings: Medical details, character death
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ianto is desperately ill, but not even Doctor Owen Harper can figure out what is wrong or how to save Ianto. And Jack.
Commentary: [livejournal.com profile] otrameis someone whose fic stays over on Teaspoon, but is known there for writing some of the best romances. Part of the reason is her Jack is such a lover: he loves the Doctor, he loves Tosh, he loves Owen, he loves Gwen, and he loves Ianto, and each love is unique and not necessarily sexual. But, for the most part, her stories aren't fluff; they tend towards the dark side, and this particular one is no exception. Ianto is sick, dying, and no one is sure of the cause or the cure. This situation taxes Owen as a doctor, Jack as a lover, and Ianto as a person facing difficult choices to make- and there's more at stake here than his own life...
Excerpt: More under here )
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Title: Ianto's Diary
Author: [livejournal.com profile] szm
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Angst, Character Study
Status: Complete
Length: One-shot
Warnings: Character death, post-CoE
Spoilers: Through CoE
Summary: Jack finds and continues with Ianto's diary.
Commentary: This is one of the first post-CoE stories I read, and among the first to be written. It's angry, and greiving- and, as it's written from Jack's perspective, it rings completely true.
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Title: Heaven in Hell's Demesne
Author: [livejournal.com profile] crystalfic
Genre: Angst, hurt/comfort
Rating: PG-13
Status: Complete
Length: ~800 words
Warnings: Torture, violence
Summary: Sometimes, all it takes to call you back from a nightmare is a familiar voice.
Commentary: Anyone who takes a good look at my recs can tell that I am a sucker for fics dealing with the YTNW. This is a short fic, and it deals with many the familiar tropes of the subgenre, but with such wonderful characterizations that I couldn't help but bookmark it. Jack's humor, Ianto's understated care, it all shines through with perfect clarity.
[identity profile] xx--oblivious.livejournal.com
I'm new and this is my first time reccing, but I read this fic and I really loved it. I told my friend about it, and she told be about this community, so I decided to share it with you all. Hope I recced correctly! -Rebeca

Title: Give Me Pain if That's What's Real
Author: [livejournal.com profile] baka_sensei
Genre: Angst, Fix!It fic
Rating: Up to NC-17
Summary: I know I should be working on Revelations. However, first I had to exorcise the demon of CoE, and man, what a bitch of a demon it was. Ambiguous-fix!it fic. Title and some inspiration taken from Next to Normal. Remember Head!Six from Battlestar Galactica? Yeah, it's kind of like that.
Status: Complete
Length: ~12,00 words, 2 parts
Warnings: Series 3 spoilers
Comment or Excerpt from fic: This is an amazing fic that takes place about a thousand or so years from the end of series 3. It's a pretty amazing exploration of the Jack/Ianto connection and, for being as short as it is, delves deeply into the mind of Jack Harkness when it comes to relationships and more specifically his relationship with Ianto. It will make you laugh, cry and all sorts of other things simultaneously.

Read more... )
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Title: Hourglass
Author: Lazuli Kat
Genre: Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Death is not the only form of loss.
Status: Complete
Length: Very long
Warning: Mental illness, character death
Comment: What if John Hart were exactly the sort of man everyone thought he was when he first appeared? What if Grey somehow got free in the Hub? What if after being buried alive, Jack came back with something? And how, on top of recovering from Tosh and Owen's death's, would Gwen and Ianto cope?

This is an AU after Series Two ended, and there is a very strong sense of "the end is where we start from" throughout this fic- the sense that despite all of Torchwood's losses, they'll somehow be able to recover. There is a plot, but most of the action centers around Jack and Ianto, and I think you'll find it a very satisfying read.
Except from Fic: Cut for length )
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Title: Flotsam and Jetsam
Author: [livejournal.com profile] adina_atl 
Genre:  angst, romance
Rating:  PG-13
Summary: Jack discovers that he can't just take up where he left off.
Status: Oneshot, Complete
Warnings: Flashbacks to torture
Comment:Jack has a fair bit of issues to work out after returning, something which we only got hints and glimmers of during series two. Plenty of extremely talented authors have gone about working this through against the backdrop of the earlier portion of the series, as well as working through the notion of that first date Jack and Ianto had. She does and wonder, lovely, haunting job of weaving them both through the first four episodes of Torchwood.

Snippet Under the Cut )
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Title: Drug!Ianto 'Verse
Author:  [livejournal.com profile] skellerbvvt 
Genre:  angst, power struggle, dark, drama, humor
Rating:  NC-17
Summary: Ianto is the bait and the trap, Torchwood's last defense against the Time Lord threat
Status: Incomplete, Series
Warnings: Everything. No, really. Everything. See tags for more info.
Comment: There aren't really the words for how disturbed this fic is. No, really, there are none. The TARDIS is sociopathic. Jack is broken. The Master is manic. The Doctor is manic. And Ianto is the drug they're all addicted to. And yet- you can't look away. You can't help but laugh. And you're never sure which way this fic will go. The fic itself is as addicting as Ianto.

The first part is Trapped Inside With You. Proceed with caution.
Snippet Under Cut )


Jan. 18th, 2009 09:06 pm
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Title: Repair In Route 
Author: Otrame
Genre: Angst, Dark, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: NC-17
Other/Implied Pairings: Owen/Tosh, Jack/Doctor (kind of one-sided), Martha/Doctor (also a tad one-sided), Master/Jack (noncon)
Summary: The Year-That-Never-Was left open wounds. Healing them would take time. But of course, they had time
Status: WIP
Length: Multipart
Word Count: Ongoing
Warnings: non-con, character death, suicide, mental illness, torture
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Many, many people comment on the lack of focus Torchwood hason Jack's recovery from what was probably a not-too-pleasant experience, not to mention repairing his relationship with the Doctor, who was outright mean to Jack for the first two episodes of the Master arc. Most of these people focus on his recovery in the context of Torchwood Season Two, in codas for KKBB, Meat, and Exit Wounds. But Otrame takes a different spin- after all, the TARDIS is a time travel machine. Martha, Jack, and the Doctor could have taken a trip or two in between the Master's death and Jack choosing the return to his team in Cardiff. This explores how the four of them (Martha, Jack, the Doctor, and the TARDIS) would heal in this situation. Combined with some frankly brilliant theories about what, exactly, the Time Agency did this is something I'd highly recommend for anyone who is a fan of dark fics. One word of caution- although she updates fairly regularly, this is a WIP, and they are all still very broken, although Jack does seem to have the worst of it right now.

Memories are just stray neuro-chemical pulses in the matrix of my brain, and if a Time Lord can’t control a few stray neuro-chemical pulses in his own brain… But of course I can. I can allow a few to remain. Just enough so I know what happened. Put the rest in deep storage, only called up when absolutely necessary. And I refuse to believe that there will ever be a time I need to remember

Jack, sitting in an enormous puddle of blood holding a corpse in his arms. The blood has clotted, the serum separated and spread out from the original stain on the floor. The thinner places have already dried; the corpse is ice cold. Jack’s eyes are dead.


You start here. The universe is this way. Reset all variables to current conditions. The past is not a real thing. You are alive, in a healthy body. Your TARDIS is healing. You can go on from here.
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Title: What Never Should Be
Author: [livejournal.com profile] blucougar
Genre: Alternate Universe, Action, Drama, Crossover
Rating: R
Other/Implied Pairings: Ianto/Lisa
Summary: This basically looks at one possible consequence, had Jack refused Alice Guppy and Emily Holroyd's "offer" to work for Torchwood in 1899. The story begins in current times, approximately six months before the battle of Canary Wharf.
Status: Complete
Length: 43 + epilogue
Warnings: Torture, Abuse, Multiple character deaths
Comment or Excerpt from fic:



Spence grinned, and opened the door. Ianto peered inside the brightly-lit room, wincing a little at the assault on his senses. It took him a moment to be able to see clearly, and once he could, he gasped out loud in astonishment at what he was seeing.

Inside the room was a man, huddled in a far corner of the room and watching them with wild eyes. He wore filthy sweatpants and a torn, dirty tee-shirt. His hair was long and shaggy — although, Ianto was curious to note that he had no beard or any other sign of facial hair — and there were manacles around his wrists and ankles, as well as what appeared to be a leather collar around his neck. Five separate chains kept him secured to the wall.

Ianto felt a rush of anger at the inhumanity of the sight before him. “Is this some sort of joke? Since when do we lock up humans?”

“This is no joke, Jones, and we don’t consider it to be human. Say hello to Torchwood’s longest surviving resident.”


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Title: Things Rank and Gross Possess It Merely
Author: [livejournal.com profile] garnettrees 
Summary: "'Tis an unweeded garden
That grows to seed. Things rank and gross in nature
Possess it merely."
-Hamlet, Act I, Scene II
Other Characters/Pairings: Tish's POV; some implied Gwen/Rhys and Owen/Diane
Warnings: Character death, implied rape, torture, unwanted groping
Status: WIP
Length: 2/5 parts posted
Commentary: Yes, I have a thing for fics which take place in the Year That Never Was. And this is an amazing example of what can be done with all the implied darkness that happened during that nonexistant period of time. Using Tish as the narrator works especially well here; we feel her suffering, both as Martha's sister and the person who was hired to stand there and look pretty. She also has the dubious position as one of the people who cleans up the Master's shit, which normally includes body parts. It's haunting and creepy, and written in an almost surreal style, which has the overall effect of making it very easy for the reader to feel just as sleep-deprived and hopeless as poor Tish.
And, of course, it's not like Jack's having a fun time either... )
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Title: Keeping Time
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kerryblaze
Genre: Crossover, angst, hurt-comfort...
Rating: R - sexual situations, and language...
Summary: Jack leaves Torchwood and Ianto behind. Ianto must go on as leader of Torchwood until he dies. Or so he thinks.
Status: WIP
Length: Eight parts, length not specified.
Warnings: Character Death(s), slightly spoilerish for one of the companion novels and both seasons of TW.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: I totally read this whole thing in one sitting. I just - yeah. I can't begin to say how much I'm enjoying it so far. In a nutshell : Jack leaves Torchwood, Ianto is in charge and he's the leader for a while, so he notices someone following him over that time. He's a bit older, but damn if he's not awesome in this one.

Excerpt :
Ianto knocked on the door. He stood back, cleared his throat, straightened his tie, and yanked the hem of his suit jacket down. On the other side of the door, a familiar voice, cheerier than Ianto had ever heard it, called out. "Did you lose your keys again, lover?"

The door opened. Ianto smelt beef cooking and his empty stomach rumbled. Rhys's broad grin faltered when he saw Ianto and not Gwen. He peered behind Ianto's shoulder, looking for her, as a piece of Ianto's heart shattered and died.

"Rhys… I…" His voice cracked. 'Dammit! Hold it together. Be professional.'

Rhys knew. He looked into Ianto's face and knew. He stumbled backwards a few steps and dropped the tea towel that he'd been holding. "No - no. Don't you dare…"

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | ...
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Title: With You
Author: [livejournal.com profile] jerbearthompson
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Romance, slight Gwen bashing
Rating: PG-13
Other/Implied Pairings: Rhys/Gwen
Summary: The world was on fire, no one could save me but you.
Length: One-shot
Word Count: 5,300
Warnings: one line from Torchwood 1x04 “Cyberwoman”
Comment or Excerpt from fic: A gorgeous fic dealing with a beautifully broken!Jack. His feelings for Ianto, his denial, and finally his acceptance just when things are about to go out of control is so realistic and so wonderfully written! *__* I’m just so glad it’s a happy ending!



There was fire. And screaming. And blood… oh god, so much blood. And he didn’t know what to do... he was supposed to do something but... he just didn’t know what… ‘Doctor!’ he screamed... Why wasn’t the Doctor here... helping? ... But he didn’t care. He didn’t want the Doctor near him. He wanted… something. It was lurking on the very edge of his mind, hazy... like a mirage. Taunting him to just reach out and… latch onto it.

Strong warm arms around him, a strange accent murmuring sweet nothings in his ear.

This is what he wanted. Or rather, who… His mind couldn’t even grasp who it was, and yet it was all he could think about. It was all that was keeping his brain from taking in the extreme direness of the situation, the horror of what was happening around him. All that was keeping him grounded, keeping him sane.

All that was saving him.

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Title: Marigolds
Author:  [livejournal.com profile] cirrocumulus 
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: "There was someone else in the darkness."
Status: COMPLETE (3/3) links found at the bottom of each chapter, or here.
Length: 5,626
Warnings: Character Death? Huge amounts of angst ahoy, mates.
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Oh this is a rather sad read. While it can be rather gorgeous, seriously -  at the same time - big huge ouch.

It had been 86 days since Ianto died. Jack was counting because it was all he could think to do with the time he'd used to spend being happy about his life.

The team, of course, had moved on: packed away Ianto's office things, cleaned out his home, gently notified his mother and then stashed every remnant of his life into the archives so nobody would ever have to care again. Jack admired his team's efficiency, at least; they had actually acquired the resiliency that he himself pretended to have.

Curiously, Jack was able (to a certain extent) to push the grief to the back of his mind to allow his sanity some breathing room. Though the inevitable emotional implosion was always gleefully creeping around his mind trying to cannibalize his self-control, running away from fatally dangerous aliens allowed him to think of nothing else but self-preservation without feeling guilty.

Part one | Part two | Part three.

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Title: Jack Harkness, Super Temp
Author: [livejournal.com profile] madder_rose
Genre: h/c, angst
Summary: Jack Harkness lives in a cubicled office. Then one day, he meets a blue eyed man, and things slowly start to change.
Status: Complete
Length:20 chapters plus epilogue
Warnings: Jack/OMC, domestic abuse
Comment or Excerpt from fic:Ianto asked if Jack wanted to come for lunch, and Jack said yes, he did, thank you very much, and so they went to lunch. They went to a small bistro, and ordered sandwiches. While they ate, Ianto asked Jack about his fears of aliens and scary movies. Jack made an embarrassed sound, and shook his head.

"I know they're not real," he said when they sat outside in a small café, trying to explain. "But, I don't know, they just seem so real on the screen, and I just get so into it, like this life..."

He fell quiet, not quite sure what he'd been about to say, but certain he really shouldn't say it.

"Like there should be more to this life?" Ianto suggested.

Jack grinned ruefully.

"Aliens. Maybe," he said and looked up at the sky above.

Read more... )

I love this so much. It's really plotty and interesting, and the interactions between Jack and Ianto are just so sweet. Link to chapter 1 below.

Chapter 1
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Title: Rebuilding
Author: [livejournal.com profile] andromeda05
Genre: Cross-over, AU, Angst, Drama, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Other/Implied Pairings: N/A
Summary: They were all so angry at Jack, that none of them took the time to notice the subtle differences in his personality, how he reacted to things, and most of all how he couldn’t seem to look at any of them for longer than a few seconds without looking away.
Status: Work In Progress
Length: Multi-chapter / ?? TOTAL
Word Count: TBC
Warnings: references to Doctor Who's "Last of the Time Lords," Post-Torchwood 2x01 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," multiple Character deaths, Dark, Violence, Torture, Suicide/Self-harm, Smut
Comment or Excerpt from fic: We all know that Jack suffered on the Valiant, but I always did wish that they spend more time on the lasting effects it had on Jack, but I guess I can't get everything I want and besides, that's what fancfiction is for! *laughs* Anyway, this is [livejournal.com profile] andromeda05's take on the lasting effects of Jack's captivity. It's a heartbreaking fic and as stated in the warnings, this is no light-hearted story, so bear that in mind!



They had every right to be angry, they’d been betrayed... They’d waited days for him to come back, only for him to disappear again. They’d been forced to learn how to survive on their own... they were more cohesive than ever. Stronger than ever before, but once again, Jack found himself at the end of their teamwork and anger.

On the other hand, Jack had equally every right to be angry and bitter. He’d originally been betrayed by the people who were now angry at him-and... he hadn’t quite gotten over the fact they’d killed him. Then, he’d gone... with the Doctor, only to be told he was wrong and spend the next year being called a freak and monster. He didn’t fault them for their human emotions... But Jack wasn’t the man who’d left them five months ago-a year for him. He considered himself strong and resilient, but he wasn’t unbreakable. And as he watched them all glare at him... he felt it for the first time-he was breaking.


R/C: Chapter links at the bottom; link to "Chapter 1" can be acquired either by clicking on the title at the top or the link at the bottom *points below*...

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | ...

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Title: Loss of Innocence
Author: [livejournal.com profile] 805belladonna
Genre: AU, Cross-over, Angst, Drama, Dark, Hurt/Comfort, Smut, Gap-filler, Episode Related
Rating: NC-17
Other/Implied Pairings: minor Doctor/Ianto
Summary: Can the Doctor repair the damage caused by a moment of madness?
Length: Multi-chapter / 4 TOTAL
Word Count: ~ 7,887
Warnings: spoilers for Torchwood 1x04 "Cyberwoman," Dark, Violence, Non-con, Abuse, Rape
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Oh wow! Talk about totally heartbreaking and painful! This is one of Bella's darker fics and gotta say that I DO kind of see this happening if our Torchwood universe was just a tad darker. Regardless, bear the warnings in mind because it IS very, VERY dark and contains graphic descriptions of rape and non-con!



Ianto ran... as fast his legs could carry him. Behind him he could hear Jack gaining... Pure fear kicked in... He was sobbing; his eyes completely blind from the tears that fell in a torrent... He glanced down and saw his hands still covered in blood – her blood; god there was so much. He let out a howl of grief, stumbling on the uneven surface. He fell against the wall and tried to catch his breath. He’d never been so scared in his life. As he stood bent over, he heard Jack shouting... cursing... pounding down the corridor towards him. Ianto took off again, running as fast as he could, trying to ignore his burning lungs and the pain that was starting to seep into his legs.

As he rounded a corner he tripped and... landed heavily. For a moment he was stunned, the world spun round him and all he could hear was the pounding of the blood in his head. Then he felt himself being grabbed, strong hands lacing through his hair and suddenly he felt as if he was flying.


R/C: Chapter links at the bottom; link to "Part 1" can be acquired either by clicking on the title at the top or the link at the bottom *points below*. You can also view the next chapter by clicking on the link at the end of the current chapter...

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


Title: Discovery of Hope
Author: [livejournal.com profile] 805belladonna
Genre: AU, Cross-over, Angst, Drama, Dark, Hurt/Comfort, Gap-filler, Episode Related
Rating: R
Other/Implied Pairings: minor Doctor/Ianto
Summary: Is Ianto ready to return to Jack and the team after his time with the Doctor?
Length: Multi-chapter / 3 TOTAL
Word Count: ~ 5,360
Warnings: spoilers for Torchwood 1x04 "Cyberwoman," Character death, Violence (past & present), Self-harm, Dark, implied: Abuse, Rape, Non-con
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Sequel of Loss of Innocence (recced above). This deals with Ianto's decision and the aftermath taking us to the end of the episode in canon. Though not as graphically descriptive, it's still quite dark, so bear the warnings in mind.



As he opened the door he saw Ianto sitting cross legged on the floor surrounded by books. The Doctor started to smile but as Ianto looked up, the smile faded and the Doctor was at his side in an second, one arm going round the younger man shoulders, "Hey what’s wrong?" asked the Doctor his concern audible in his voice.

Ianto wiped the tears away... "Nothing. I was just reading about…” he gulped for air before continuing, “About 21st century…” He held the book out. The Doctor took it from him and scanned the page quickly noticing the bold writing and murmured, "21st century where everything changes and we have to be ready.”

"Jack says that all the time... God, I miss him.”

The Doctor didn’t reply... Looking up he asked softly, “Do you want to go back?”

“I don’t know,” whispered Ianto...


R/C: Chapter links at the bottom; link to "Part 1" can be acquired either by clicking on the title at the top or the link at the bottom *points below*. You can also view the next chapter by clicking on the link at the end of the current chapter...

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
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Title: The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
Author: [livejournal.com profile] little_elf
Genre: AU, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Smut, Horror, Dark, Dark Humor
Rating: NC-17
Other/Implied Pairings: Jack/OFC, Rhys/Gwen
Summary: When Ianto dies on a routine job, Jack tries to bend fate to his will. He wasn't prepared for the consequences of his actions.
Length: One-Shot
Word Count: ~ 2,682
Warnings: Post-Torchwood 2x13 "Exit Wounds," Smut, Characters death, Horror, strongly implied Necrophilia, possible Non-con, Violence, implied Torture
Comment or Excerpt from fic: Some concepts taken from an earlier story named I'll Follow You Into the Dark recced by myself HERE. This is probably one of THE most disturbing, horrific, and twisted stories I've EVER read! The material is just so squeamish and the author magnificently molded this from the very depths of a distorted and demented mind... I LIKE!! XD

Jack's desperation and then pain towards the end is very poignant and the depth of Ianto's insanity as it over-takes him just... *shudders*


It's an absolutely BRILLIANT fic! Utterly INSANE, but BRILLIANT none-the-less! As far as I know, she's the only author to have delved into the realms of "necrophilia."





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