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Title: Guard Them, and Him Within
Author: [livejournal.com profile] etharei
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, Drama, Mystery, Time Travel
Warnings: ANGST, Violence
Status: Complete
Length: 38,000
Summary: Ianto Jones finds himself far from home. But there are guns, aliens, and more Strange Happenings than one can shake a stick at, so sometimes it’s like he hasn’t left. Of stories within stories, and the adventures of small characters.
Commentary: Ianto is transported 1,000 years into the future, where Jack is the Captain of a military base no one wants. I won't spoil you, but I have to say, for a fic written before CoE, it speaks to one of fandom's current big fears; the earlier chapters might be hard to read for this reason, but if you stick it out, you'll find it well worth the effort.
Exceprt: Jack's speech was slow and carefully pronounced. "You are an unregistered person aboard this vessel. Are you a stowaway?"


Jack nodded, looked like he hadn't expected any other answer. "Until further notice, you will be considered a potential threat. Come with me."

It was all the same - the face, the voice, the body - so Ianto was moving to obey before he really processed the words. Getting to his feet was tricky, and the two men (soldiers) made no move to help him. His vision swam, his thighs trembled under his own weight, his heart did a little stutter-stop that left him breathing hard. Clearly, his body did not like whatever it was that had brought him here. But he managed to get relatively vertical under his own power, and after a few minutes of rest and waiting for his blood to sort out where it was going, he nodded at Jack to lead the way.

The light in the first corridor was dim and tinged with red. This changed to blue, and then purple, growing brighter at crossroads. Ianto spotted people moving up and down other passageways, but none passed them. Twice the walls of metal and support beams stopped and gave Ianto a glimpse of other levels. At the end of the long walk, they stepped into what appeared to be a small cage with only two walls, and handles dangling from the ceiling. Ianto grabbed one of these, past caring that Jack and the unknown soldier appeared to disdain them. But instead of going up, the cage sped off sideways, tugged along unseen tracks on a twisting horizontal path. It went too fast, and the place too dark, for Ianto to see anything clearly, but he thought he caught a crowd of people in a bright room, and large plane-like shapes looming within a dark space. Aside from the first jolt, the ride hardly had a bump, and after a few minutes slowed smoothly to a stop in front of a well-lit and guarded platform.

The cell he was taken to appeared like a long metal box, bare save for a cot in one end and a small slot in the wall. He gratefully sank down on the former, resting his head in his hands and breathing deep.

He'd asked just one question, between where he'd woken up and the cell: "Where am I?"
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